Who We Are

Divinity broadcast is a multimedia broadcasting platform that gives you excellent and impactful content for our daily activities.

As a broadcaster, with my experience in the 10 years journey, it was observed that humanity needs the right things to view, listen and read about. It is unfortunate that all over the world, things are going wrong everyday and things are falling apart. This has caused a lot of problem in the society.
What you watch, what you listen to, what you read has a great impact in your life, and to live a fulfilled life that would be a blessing to others you need to work on what you take in on your daily basis.

Divinity broadcast is designed to bring you the good and moral life styles in songs, podcast etc. no wonder all the program content are distinctly impactful. We bring back the old beautiful music, moral songs, words of life that encourages, for every stage of life.

We have programs that covers different areas of life such the marriage, the youth, children, family affairs, entrepreneurship, finance, life experiences etc.

The entertainment part of it is not just fun but entertainment with impact that transform lives for positive change.
An excellent educative program content at your fingertips to keep you lively always with good information as it breaks.


To provide an excellent trusted and reliable source of information, music, morals and entertainment.

Mission Statement

  • Promoting practical skills in broadcasting industry
  • Producing an educative program that is not readily available to our audience all over the world.
  • Making a high quality broadcasting content which will inform our audience
  • To broadcast good music of old, for sweet memories
  • Building an everlasting relationship between divinity broadcast and our audience worldwide.
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Quality Content

Our Crew

Abayomi V. Ogundipe
Business Consultant
Adewale S. Adelowo
Sound Engineer/Music Producer
Oluwaseun Ogunlade
Website Developer
Olatunde Ayobami
Prints Manager
Tolulope Adedoyin
Media Specialist